RIBBONS: IDK what you're doing here, but I just killed Atrocious Lorenzo.
RIBBONS: I *need* the clout or I am not going to survive out there.
RIBBONS: And it's MY belt anyway, I make my own fanifestos and everything!!
RIBBONS: I put in the time, did you SEE the Riotus art zine I did?
RIBBONS: Do you know how long it took for me to build a following to do that with?
RIBBONS: I deserve a little bit of Honkifex. As a treat.
BONFIRE: that was you???
BONFIRE: oh. i see. it was alright.
RIBBONS: ... You sound like you're lying.
BONFIRE: okay fine since you asked. i did actually like a lot of the art, but oh my GOD.
BONFIRE: i just don't care about trans readings of coloniz-
BONFIRE: what are you doing.