Ribbons: Vandalize artifact.

RIBBONS: Help me put this on so I can go back there in style.
RIBBONS: It doesn't- quite- fit-
RIBBONS: C'mon, help me out...!
BONFIRE: of course it doesn't fit, it's fitted for z, not you.
BONFIRE: and i'm not going to help you just totally make a mess of it!
BONFIRE: what if you damage it???
RIBBONS: It's just a belt!
BONFIRE: it's *the honkifex's belt!*
BONFIRE: you don't even have to wear it! it's a symbol of power in itself!
RIBBONS: Man, IDGAF about symbols!
RIBBONS: Why don't you look up in perfect silence at the stars, huh?
RIBBONS: Get some mystical night air from time to time, how about it.
RIBBONS: I don't have time to justify it to you, my oomfies are dying out there!