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Story stuff

Teaser trailer

Made for SAHCon 2021. (beta, recut for copyright)

Command archive

A comprehensive list of all commands ever submitted to the comic.

Unused/edited panels

Sometimes you just mess up. That's life. Here's some old versions of panels.

Behind the scenes

To-do list

A Trello board, with a bunch of cards for whatever I've got to do next. Useful if you want to know what I'm up to.


A fun toy for my favorite pastime, showing off to myself and others.


The tool I made to write pesterlogs. It exports to MSPFA and AO3 too!

Promo images

Promotional images for each update. Includes Act 1 "chapter titles", since it doesn't have those in-comic.

Process breakdowns

Some attempts to break down how I go about making this comic. Hopefully it's helpful, or insightful, or interesting...

  • Panelsa little bit out of date

Things I Like

† Creators from daggered works have worked on Burning Down the House.
* I have worked on asterisked works.

More Homestuck works

Homestuck: Beyond Canon - An official continuation of Homestuck.

KITTYQUEST - Your name is KITTY HARLEY-LEIDER, and your family is immortal. You, however, are not.

Liminal Space - An ongoing collection of character-driven fancomics created by floral "Logan" marsupial, based off that one multimedia odyssey you may have heard about.

Failure to Launch - Starring the one and only JUNE EGBERT! Who knows what shenanigans will ensue... Wild hootenannies? Late night pizza picnics? Romance??? ;-o

Therapystuck - After the game is won, someone finally decides to go to therapy. A lot of shit transpires.

Wake up. - Some trolls go on an adventure. Things happen.

sburb.EXE - A cautionary tale for those who pick up their video games at garage sales. Contains jumpscares.

Paradox Space^2* - Beyond *beyond* canon.

Vast Error @ DCRC†* - 12 trolls play a game.

Original endeavors

If Animal Trapped - A collection of memorable dialogue from the Battle Network series.

Girls with Horns† - MARY is JOBLESS, ROMANCELESS, and has TWO more HORNS than she has DOLLARS. (TWO) Now 25, Mary is trying to inject flavor into her life by reuniting with old friends - all similarly afflicted women with abnormal growths that unified them as highschoolers. But is their inability to assimilate into society the glue holding them together, or the thing keeping them from growing up?

Diosmaden - high fantasy lesbians

Fateful Heights* - "A story about friends, history, and games."

Eidolon Playtest† - Eidolon Playtest is two different actual-play RPG campaigns, releasing every Monday on alternating weeks!

what happens next - will shock you