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> What is this?

This is another ending to the webcomic Homestuck, which ran from April 2009 to April 2016. It's a completely different artistic direction than the "official" material took, and hopefully one that holds its own against the official endings.

> Who's working on this?

This is primarily a solo endeavor by yours truly, Victoria Lacroix. There are plans to hire artists to come on board for certain sequences, since it's a lot of work doing this alone, and I'd love to boost as many worthwhile fan voices as I can, but I haven't actually done that yet, because it costs money.

If you're unsure, check out the credits.

> Are you getting paid?

Nope! Though believe me, it's not for lack of trying. I'm lucky enough to be in a space where I can spend time on this, instead of working a "real job", but I'm not actually making any money off of making it that isn't donations, and those are entirely dependant on readers like you. So if you like it, and think I should be paid, hey. You can do that.

> How often will this update?

As often as I can manage! I try to get out at least one panel per day, but sometimes there might be longer sequences or sound pages that need a few days. Animations take a while and are, even then kind of buggy, so there's always - always - going to be a bit of a dip in speed for those, but I more or less know what's coming.

> How long will this be going for?

I'm not prepared to say, because the answer is as long as it takes to finish. Though there's a lot of things planned, the number of things planned is finite, and I can promise this: I do know it will end, eventually, and hopefully in a way that is as satisfying to you as it is to me.

> Will my favorite character be in it?

Maybe, maybe not. It's impossible to know, but I do know this: Having every character get their hand on the plot ball is unsustainable for a story like this. While it was extremely sustainable for Homestuck, since plot sort of happened around the characters, this story is more character-driven. I do my best to make sure every character has a satisfying ending, at least.

> Is there going to be textual LGBT+ representation?


> June?


> Roxy?

Trans woman.

> I have some concerns about the direction of the story / the social connotations of something you wrote!

Not a question! But worth addressing anyway. I'm not some dipshit who transgresses against norms just to transgress. That does me as little good as it does you. So if you're concerned about something I wrote, drop me an email at spiderslacroix at gmail dot com and we can talk it out, and if necessary, I'm open to making some changes.

> I like your work but I don't like Homestuck that much.

Okay. I made some games a while ago. You could look at those.