Ribbons Rigatoni: Enter through the hagioscope.

RIBBONS: Oh fuck.
BONFIRE: oh fuck.
RIBBONS: There wasn't supposed to be anyone here. What are you doing here?
RIBBONS: Girl, c'mon, give me an answer.
BONFIRE: oh, shit, um.
BONFIRE: i was just waxing philosophical about being a weird hermit.
BONFIRE: but actually, i was chased in here by some other jubilites.
BONFIRE: it was a lot like the never-ending story now that i think about it??
BONFIRE: i thought that when i was walking in, too,
BONFIRE: but i also just think that when i go into any spooky attic, because i read homestuck.
BONFIRE: but getting chased up there by bullies, that's some never-ending story shit right there.
RIBBONS: I've never seen it.
BONFIRE: oh, shit, you haven't? you're a jubilite right?
BONFIRE: better to ask, we've had random clowns just caught in the crossfire before-
BONFIRE: okay! cool. it's referenced pretty heavily in later parts of the manifesto.
BONFIRE: i definitely think it influenced a lot of z's writing, especially the way new whimsiphae is portrayed-
RIBBONS: Oh, LOL, I don't fuck with all that interpretive shit.
RIBBONS: I'm just here for my blorbos.
RIBBONS: If I interpret it wrong, I interpret it wrong, LMAO.
BONFIRE: really? i really like thinking ab-
BONFIRE: hey what is that