==> / (Jane: Instill habits.) / ==>


(Jane: Instill habits.)

JANE: What do you want??
(JANE): I'll walk you through it. You've developed some habits, Crocker.
(JANE): You wanted to be a highly effective person, right?
JANE: I did, yes...
(JANE): So you should know then what the next step is, now that I'm being proactive.
(JANE): What's next?
JANE: ... Begin with the end in mind?
(JANE): There we go, there we go...
(JANE): So what is that end, Jane?
JANE: ...
JANE: Why do you have to be so goddamn *condescending!!*
JANE: I don't remember!! I haven't thought about any of those stupid business mantras in years!
(JANE): I'll remember it, so you don't have to.
JANE: *Snort.* You're doing terribly at this interrogator shtick.
(JANE): Shut up.
(JANE): The brains of the operation, the backbone of our empire.
(JANE): It's been here the whole time.
(JANE): Waiting for someone to dredge it up.
(JANE): But where, Jane?
JANE: Why would I know that but not you??
(JANE): Hmph. My point exactly.
(JANE): Now that we've discussed the end, let's discuss the beginning.
(JANE): Could someone in the crowd tell me what the third habit is?
(JANE): Putting first things first, that's right.


CALLIOPE: the pendulum upon your clock has settled.
CALLIOPE: i ask you again.
CALLIOPE: can i count on you as a partner?
JADE: i still only kind of know whats going on...
JADE: it all seems so much bigger than me and its honestly really scary!!!
JADE: it just... it seems so overwhelming, the prospect of things happening again...
JADE: but its exciting too!
JADE: so... i guess you can count on me.
JADE: it was nice seeing you again, callie. :)
CALLIOPE: ... indeed it was.