Dirk: Land successfully.

Yeah, there's no way in hell you're gonna do that. They call you the Brian Bosworth of being unconscious, that is just how stone cold you are out after this amazing off-ramp.

Wow, what could have caused that?

Perhaps it was toppling your whole deal shit-first into the bloated corpse of a gigantic voidfish, still soaking despite the jet engine-level blowdrying the trip at 300+ miles an hour gave it. If this thing were not already dead, it would certainly be now.

If it were not already dead though, it wouldn't be of any importance. Unlike your sis (Haven't talked about it. Not much to say.) Feferi only has an interest in dead things as far as she can feel her way around Life as an aspect. This interest comes with good news and bad news, and naturally, the good news makes you look good, so bad news first. The bad news is her number one corpse-hauler du jour on Alternia is a complete deserter in the new universe.

The good news is her new culture consists of a dude whose favorite movie (right now) is all the fuck about corpse hijinks, and he's hitched by the red string of combat, philosophy, life, and love to a dude who is practically all about insane stunts, which... you suppose could include corpse hijinks, in the right context.

Except that second dude is knocked the fuck out.

What a badass.