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(JANE): You're not thinking win-win here.
(JANE): I get what I want, you get what you want.
(JANE): I can put a hop, skip, and a jump back in those circuits of yours, and when I'm done, we can have all the sloppy makeouts with that troll vixen you want.
(JANE): Crockercorp ambition, reduced to the mere satisfying of one's libido.
(JANE): How dreadful.
JANE: ...
JANE: What's the fifth habit?
(JANE): Mere semantics.
JANE: It's reaching an understanding! If you can't understand, what's the point? Why are we here?
JANE: If we share the same brain, the same mind, and you can't understand me, what's the fucking point?
(JANE): You don't understand me, either, cretin.
(JANE): This is why I am not *asking*.