Nepeta: Knock all your items off the table.

It's your stuff! You only do that to other people's junk. J33z... You're going to catptchalogue them, like a normal purrson.

Since you just came back, your SECRET SHIPFIC MODUS is EMPTY.

You put down your SELFHOOD CARD, which will act as the ROOT from which this item-based polycule will grow. You also shuffle your SHIP DECK and draw your ROMSPECIFIERS. Each ROMSPECIFIER represents a SHIP DYNAMIC between the cards you captchalogue. The card you topdeck is IT HAPPENED ONCE IN A DREAM.

You have to admit... it's just not a very good pitch for a relationship. The most dedicated of shippers can make it work, but it's something you have to put the pawwork in for. You work with the tools you're given though, so...