JOHN: did any one else see her?
JADE: no.
DAVE: nah
ROSE: Hmph.
ROSE: As much as I hate to say it, I think we have to fear the worst here.
JOHN: :(
ROSE: Perhaps a look on the bright side is in order?
ROSE: Everyone we took in survived to live on another day, so... I suppose Earth isn't necessarily doomed yet.
JANE: And I got a cool sword!
JANE: That's worth it in its own right! :B
ROSE: Tactful as always.
JANE: Hoo hoo, sorry.
JANE: It's a big moment in a young woman's life, when she gets her first sword.
JOHN: that'll really... sour things, when we get back.
ROSE: Forgive the pragmatism - she was my friend as much as she was yours, John, but...
ROSE: Is it a casualty we're okay with?
JOHN: she was dead most of the time i knew her, i guess.
JOHN: she's probably just fine with it.
JOHN: that dreambubble is long gone, anyway.
JOHN: it probably wouldn't last long in the proximity of the black hole anyway.
JOHN: i don't even know what's up with that thing.
JOHN: do you think the ghosts in there are okay?
ROSE: Are any of us ever alright?
JOHN: i am, usually that is...
JOHN: what i mean is, do you think there's ghosts living inside the black hole.
JOHN: ... hold on phrasing.
ROSE: On a highly conditional definition of "living".
ROSE: According to Aradia at least, the dreambubbles are fine.
ROSE: They've said that the black hole is enough to kill a god at the height of their power.
ROSE: But because of the mystical, unreal nature of ghosts, it's supposedly fine.
JOHN: i've seen ghost dad so this makes sense to me, ghosts always have weird rules like that.
JOHN: do you think vriska could be in there?
ROSE: Maybe.
ROSE: ... Do you think she's dead?
JOHN: ...
ROSE: How're you planning on telling Terezi?
JOHN: poorly! ha ha.
JOHN: she already hates my guts, what's a bit more.