JADE: we did it!!!!
JADE: we fucking DID it guys!!!
JOHN: we did!
JOHN: it's uh. shocking, heh.
JOHN: i guess we just kind of had to be there, to make sure it happened.
JOHN: it's. a little bit underwhelming, really.
JOHN: a huge relief, for sure! but.
DAVE: im not gonna worry about it
ROSE: It lines up with what Aradia said happened, so we're not dooming any timelines.
ROSE: In fact, according to Aradia, unless we choose to bring it on ourselves, we won't be dooming any more timelines, ever.
JADE: wow....
JADE: so that means there's no consequences anymore??
ROSE: I wouldn't go that far.
ROSE: If anything, I fear that consequences will become worse - after all, disasters won't be inevitable.
ROSE: If we truly fuck this thing right, we will only have ourselves to blame.
ROSE: But at the same time... we will only have ourselves to blame. Is that not freeing in its own right?
ROXY: wow
ROXY: i uh
ROXY: i really cant believe we did it
ROXY: kinda feels unreal :")
ROSE: I'm sure it'll sink in.
ROSE: I've already started making plans to celebrate, as a group.
JANE: Oh that sounds lovely.
JAKE: Criminy fucking jacket.
JAKE: I still cant believe how swanky that last guy we fought was!
JAKE: He reminded me a lot of you dirk.
JAKE: With how anime he was and all i mean shoot he looks like he was ripped straight from the shonen jumps.
JAKE: I guess they dont use guns in shonens that much. Usually they just have powers with funny names.
DIRK: Don't give me too much credit now.
JANE: This "outside light" or whatever you call it is starting to give me one hell of a migraine.
JANE: Is there anything we're waiting here for?
JOHN: not really.
JOHN: anything we're forgetting?
ROSE: Vriska.