Posted on August 8, 2021, 12:57 pm

[S] Open.

Song is Pop Culture, by Madeon.

You may notice that this is but 40 pages. Act 1 ends at just under 600 pages. Dropping all of these pages at once would be a stupid idea, for three reasons. Server hosting would be just awful, and I doubt a lot of readers would sit through 600 pages at once, and most of all, some of the big animations aren't done yet.

So Act 1 will be released across the rest of the year on a weekly schedule while I wrap up the last animation work for the comic. If my math is right, A1 should finish in December.

This Tuesday, the 17th is when Act 1 will start in earnest. So as they say, "haha it's tuesday, you fat nasty trash". Or, "tuesday again, no problem". Or "wait. its fucking tueaday. god.". Pick your favorite meme from the list and I will see you then.