Posted on May 4, 2024, 3:05 am

Quick check in on update scheduling, since at the start of March, I said I'd be trying out new schedules for updating. I had fun, but in terms of sustainability, this didn't work out especially well, since it's actually kind of obliterated my ability to backlog, and made Eternal September harder to update in turn because of that. Atop that, summer is creeping over the horizon, and the summer heat is my number one struggle for updating. With that in mind, I'm gonna move back to weekly updates. I'll write more about this on Patreon soon, but that writing will wind up taking a more essay-like tone on update pacing in general, which is why it's going there.

In the meantime, check out the Patreon ahead of that - right now, behind the paywall is an essay I wrote about my approach to writing June Egbert which I think is pretty insightful, since she is a strange and messy character, and deserves a strange and messy narrative to go with. It'll be free on the 14th, two weeks from now, but I think the Patreon has been pretty good recently, and maybe you'll like it too.