Posted on February 27, 2024, 2:10 pm

Long time, no news post! It has been a hot minute since I got into this little text box and bared my soul, my grim newsposting soul.

Quick check in storywise: ACT 2 is well on its way now. This is going up right after the third photo in chapter 3, and after the Janerezi update, it's open road on the narrative developments superhighway. Chapter 2 ended with an animation, that was [Nothing but] Flowers by Talking Heads. It also marks the moment the rubber hits the road!

With that in mind, I'm also gonna drop this: updates are gonna get more irregular! That's not to say there will be less - depending on how things go, there may actually be more. Right now, I've been updating with 10-20 pages a week, but these tend to be complete, digestible scenes, while as we progress into Act 2, scenes may actually be better served to be spread out over time.

This is nothing to say of hitting milestone dates, stuff like putting off scenes like the January Eternal September update until the Feast of the Epiphany, when the three magi were introduced, or putting off Nepeta's revival until Valentine's Day felt weird, that's just not a day I update, what am I doing? So starting next Tuesday, there will be smaller updates, but more of them. If that doesn't work out, I'm game to go back to Tuesdays - after all, I like the stability.

Oh, also, I've been neglecting this box so much, I haven't mentioned the Patreon. I've been posting short essays that double as author commentary over there. It's not the same kind of page-by-page commentary that I've tried before, it's more topical and about specific ideas I'm working with, more than it is the page by page developments. I've had fun writing them, and maybe you'll have fun reading them.

They're paid, but they go up for free for non-patrons after about a month. One essay about picking Vriska's deadname just became free not too long ago, and the one that will be free next month is about conflicting emotional tones. It's fun stuff! Maybe I'll get back to that EOA1 devlog, too. I had a hook but then lost a lot of the files involved in that specific topic, so I'll have to pick something else.

And as always, I answer (almost) every question thrown at me on Retrospring. So if you've got questions, I'll (almost) answer them.