Posted on September 2, 2023, 12:06 pm

Alright, news post time. First up, Eternal September pages 1-18 are now available to be read.

Next, some questions, and some answers for Eternal September.

  • How does this relate to Burning Down the House? Well, if it helps, a while I was waffling between it being an intermission and a full-on spinoff. However, some theming and narrative developments has necessitated me keeping track of intermissions, so consider them sort of like Homestuck^2's bonus comics - side stories in the same world, using the same ideas and characters, that may intersect with the main story but probably won't.
  • When will this update? Whenever! Obviously, BDTH has primary focus, so these spinoffs and side comics will update... whenever, really.
  • There's more? Yeah! There's been a Patreon goal for a while (that is no longer around since Patreon decided it was too good to have features) for an Alternian mythology comic, that's still in the barrel. Doing this kind of side stuff has always been part of the plan.
  • How long will it run for? Good question! I doubt Eternal September in specific will run very long - perhaps a decent few hundred. Again - before deciding it would be a spinoff, it was planned to be a (still admittedly rather large) intermission. But that September 1st, 2023 release date for a comic set on September 1st, 1993? Very alluring.

Lastly, the End of Act is almost done - I know I've been banging this drum for a while, but in sincerity, it only gets closer. It's been over a year since the last update, but I haven't stopped working on BDTH. Even on days where I can't draw because of the heat or long COVID or just plain old illness, it's buzzing around in my brain. There's only a few shots left. I don't want to go find the gauges and meters image I've been using, so we'll call it "mostly done". Any day now.