Posted on July 5, 2023, 5:01 am

A quick news post, since I've been neglecting it, and not everyone is going to go look at social media sites… (Especially now that sometimes they just can't, thanks Elon.)

As far as BDTH goes: the walkaround is almost done. It took way, way longer than I had ever anticipated, in part because I had a lot going on, in part because I spent a lot of that time recovering from the novel coronavirus. That shit messes you up.

I'd say it's about 99.99% done - a few conversations need sprite cues, and the whole thing needs a couple of once-overs to catch any stray glaring, game-breaking flaws. But after that, it'll be 100% done and ready to go. In terms of time to play, I'm calling the critical path - all the important stuff for the story - 45 minutes long. There's, of course, a lot more surrounding it, but it's largely me exhausting myself on fluff so that when the comic returns to regular updates, I will want nothing more than to get that rubber all up and against the road. So homoerotically up against the road.

In the meantime, I'm going to plug some stuff, since it's been over a year since the last news post:

  • I drew a new splash page for the comic. There's a certain joy in webcomics where the quality of recent art is in immediate contrast with the quality of art at the beginning and I wanted to lean into that really hard.
  • Since the last news post, I started working with Deconreconstruction on Vast Error! It's a lot of fun to work with everyone there.
  • Friend of the show, KITTYQUEST wrapped up recently! I loved the ending a lot. KQ has been one of the most healing and cathartic post-game comics there is. I feel confident in saying if you like BDTH, you'll love KITTYQUEST.
  • And lastly, I made a Cohost page! I really like Cohost, and not just because, in some impossible feat only I could manage, I snagged the name "victoria" on there for my personal account.

See you soon!