Eternal September

Take a look at the whole side table.

On this side table sits the ~ATH floppy set, thoroughly washed. The smell of rot has left it, mostly. When it rains, you can feel it throbbing.

The MY PET SUFFERER toy has really taken off in the past few years. Back in '86 they made a movie about it, and since then they've been a real cultural staple. Every child of a certain age learned a choice few words from one of these dolls.

You keep the radio on hand too. Excluding a few hilltop mansions, the town of Hauntswitch is nestled in a valley, which makes flooding an issue. You believe one of those mansions belongs to THE OWNER, but you're not sure. You've never met him. You've never met anyone involved in your work face to face.

The floppy with the house symbol on it is your COMMISSIONED WORK. You've never met your commissioner either. Your grasp on the structure of the machine you find yourself in the cogs of is loose and foggy at best, but you're not about to start asking questions so long as you continue to be paid.