> Hey, I noticed your flashes run weird!

Certain early interactive and animation pages run differently from things done with Adobe Flash/Animate because they're made in Saola Animate, which is similar, but different. The biggest change is that Saola doesn't draw to HTML5 canvas elements, which increases compatibility with older browsers - for example, all my animations work on phones, and won't need to be updated until HTML5 is obsoleted as well.

> Your animation desynchronized.

Audio and visuals aren't actually coupled together, so tabbing away from it will cause visuals to pause, but not the audio. This is a known thing - when running in the background ("blurred") certain browsers will pause Javascript loops in order to save processing power. There's nothing I can really do about that other than say "don't tab away from my hard, hard work", which is a convenient answer, I know, but also the truth.

> Do you have mirrors for (X page)?

Certain heftier animations will be mirrored to, a platform for independent games and artists, to offload things from my personal servers, and if necessary, certain pages will also be mirrored to Youtube.