Examine gift.

At least half of the fun of gift opening to you is the deduction process. You can learn a lot from just a box - its weight, its contents, the sound it makes when you tilt it. You bring your own expectations to it, too - what you know about who gave it, what they think of you, what you wish it could be.

The box is light in weight. You give the box a shake, and the insides rattle just a bit - the insides seem soft. The sound it makes as it slides around is a gentle hiss as it pulls against the cardboard interior, and it makes a muted "thud" as it hits the wall.

But you know this most of all: it's from one of your best friends, so no matter what it was, you know it's right for you.

"I realize that that blank page is a magic box, you know? It needs to be filled with something fantastic." - American detective, Lieutenant Columbo

You are 100% certain Lieutenant Columbo said that.