Aranea: Captchalogue Magic 8 Ball.

You cannot play as Aranea. What a shocking discovery to make. If only you had tried before now, but you didn't.

It's a ruling she approves of, since by being the exception, she is exceptional. And she *is* exceptional. She's also smart, and has a loophole in the rules prepared.

She wishes to play a game. A small one, one of no consequence to you or her should you choose to not participate. You can enter commands all you like, and perhaps, through coincidence, happenstance, a twist of fate, she will do what the command asks, without you ever forcing her. This way, you both win. She maintains her exception, you get to move the story forward.

Assuming that's agreeable - and why wouldn't it be - she captchalogues her MAGIC 8 BALL in her LORE MODUS.