Jane: Synergize.

NANNA: Get her, Janey...!!
JANE: What...? God... we've made such a mess of this whole identity thing.
JANE: Hello, Nanna...
NANNA: Hello, dearie... it seems like you need a hand. :B
JANE: Well... I suppose I did.
JANE: Is this sword for me to use...?
NANNA: If you think it's right, love, I'm just happy to help...
JANE: I- I don't know what it is you want, Red.
NANNA: Is that what we're going with?
JANE: If it works...
(JANE): It's Jane Crocker, full name.
JANE: I... sure, Jane. You can have that one.
JANE: I don't know why you showed up now of all times.
JANE: I don't know why you can show up even without the tiaratop itself.
JANE: I don't know where this... backbone is, what that would entail for all our hard work...
JANE: I don't have any answers for you...!
JANE: But I can try and come up with one now though, if it will satisfy you.