I don't get it.
It was in the journal! Mindfang's whole femme-f8le shtick. AND he had all those fairy pin-ups in his room. It was fucking fool-proof. 8ut I guess his think-pan is too unseasoned to recognize a catch when one is wriggling on the fucking hook.
It should have 8een extremely his shit.
What's the difference 8etween me and any given fairy floozy that lines his walls?
........ Aside from the o8vious.
8ut there's only so much I can do a8out that.
It's not like I'm not trying.
And even then, it's not like it'd stop hi-
Fucking listen to me. I sound like Eridan.
"recodnize a catch wwhen one is wwriggling on the fucken hook"
How did you just LET me say that?
Damn, is there an echo?
Yo, queen 8itch, you there?