Hello, thief.

Hey!!!!!!!! It's 8een a while.
Yes, it has. I have had much to attend to.
I spoke with your former teammate.
Oh shit, really?
The Seer was not receptive to my guidance either.
Yeah, I wouldn't think too much of it. She never listens to me, either. I keep trying to tell her stuff 8ut........ she's just so intense you know?
I can't say I do, my experience with the Seer was very charming.
She is a strange and funny girl.
Perhaps you should enlighten me.
Only 8ecause you caught me in a 8ad mood.
Ugh. I swear when I loop around to whatever g8 she's at and see her in person, she's either going to slap me silly, or kiss me so deeply.
And *that* will 8e a kismesistude for the ages.
Coveting the hateful touch of another? Surely the Page will be broken up about this.
As fucking if. If he is, it'll 8e the first time I've ever seen him give a shit a8out it at all.
He knows the story of the Summoner and the Marquise as well as I do at this point. 8ut it's like he doesn't even care.
Imagine someone sharing a piece of herself with you like that and you just 8low it off 8ecause you're mad they stopped putting all 612,000 summons in the Fiduspawn games.
What a shame.
My apologies. Feelings jams are not my specialty.
Aren't you like, 200 sweeps old anyway?
Why do you care a8out fucking Fiduspawn?
This wasn't the intended meaning. I was referring to your unrequited hate.
Oh. Well. That makes more sense, I guess.
He didn't learn a8out that sorry excuse for self-confidence Rufio out of nowhere, you know.
He was in the journal! He's discovered his 8ullshit inner self-worth 8ecause of me.
It's all my fault he's a prick now.
So the piece of yourself you shared is your ancestor's journal. How strange.
And funny?
Well, that's just like, your opinion, ma'am. 8efore you start grasp-frond-wringing and pearl-clutching a8out pornography or wh8ever, just know, it hasn't failed me yet.
I mean, come on. I've got an old flame who wants me dead. A kismesis who makes me feel truly, truly loathsome, and I'm on the sickest adventure ever!
I'm tearing through imps and liches and giclopses like no8ody's 8usiness!
I even incurred a horri8le f8 where I lost an eye and an arm as a result of a psychopathic legislacer8r.
Why shouldn't I consider it part of myself, it's practically a fucking 8iography!
I've 8asic8lly g8t it f8cking m8de!!!!!!!!
Your voice cracked.
I'm writing this out, how would you know????????