Jane: Examine poster remnants.

You certainly don't miss the Doctor Manhattan poster. His very nude aura befuddles you. You suppose you also don't miss the Little Monsters poster. You see people with horns like his in your day to day now, so it's almost a little bit quaint.

But you do hold a pang of sadness looking at the patch where Mr. Swanson used to be. You've spent a lot of time thinking about your BEWHISKERED BEAUS. Fondly regarding them, admiring them, kissing them so tenderly...

Anyway. You're wiser now, ostensibly, and the UNATTAINABLE UNSHAVEN only make you sad. You think about the time Ron ordered the FATAL MEAT TORNADO, and crack a bittersweet smile.

You can't help yourself from thinking about the time you attempted to make it from scratch. You're lucky your DAD had his HEART PILLS... and the waffles you made instead were acceptable too, you suppose.