JOHN: um...
JOHN: okay i think the thing is.
JOHN: there's two places the fight's gonna wind up happening.
JOHN: first off, we go back in, and arrive on caliborn's planet.
JOHN: but then, rose, and dave and jade and i are going to olly outie to fight the big form, lord english?
JOHN: i only kind of remember this.
JOHN: terezi told me about it but it's kind of complex.
JOHN: i think he's going to trap us in the thing that gave me these powers?
JOHN: but it doesn't seem like we're going to be stuck in there.
JOHN: it's more like a hole than a box?
JOHN: i could put my hand through it and that's how i got these powers.
JANE: Oh, so that's what those were.
JOHN: you could see them?
JANE: Sort of! My eyes always kind of glazed over them.
DIRK: So, Roxy, Jake, Jane and I are going to take on Caliborn, while you four take on English in...
JOHN: i think it's the dream bubbles that fight's happening in.
JOHN: there's a ghost army that vriska and the punky fish princess troll are leading.
JOHN: vriska's gonna... let us out into the fight.
ROSE: Vriska's going to do something helpful and unambiguously heroic, with no catch?
JOHN: yeah, what's the issue?
ROSE: None, I suppose. It's just a nice break from how it usually is.
JOHN: ha ha. yeah.
JOHN: that's all i remember, i think.
JOHN: i should probably have asked terezi about it in more detail.
JOHN: this is all still an extension of vriska's plan, but this part is actually backed up by continuity.
JOHN: does anyone have any questions?
JOHN: i don't know if i can answer them but... you know. better to ask, for the time being.
JANE: Will you be picking us up when we're done fighting Caliborn?
JOHN: of course!!
DIRK: You said Arquiusprite is important?
JOHN: yup.
DIRK: ... How?
JOHN: uhhhhhhhh. good question.
JOHN: couldn't tell you.