JANE: ...
JANE: Have you seen. Uh.
JANE: Parks and Rec?
DAVE: saw the first episode
DAVE: i didnt like it that much
JANE: ... I see.
JANE: ...
JANE: It gets better.
DAVE: i believe you
JANE: I was going to suggest...
DAVE: i dont like watching tv that much
JANE: No that's not it.
JANE: You don't have to like it.
JANE: I was thinking, maybe we could talk about Problem Sleuth!
JANE: Everyone loves Problem Sleuth.
DAVE: youre goddamn right i do
JANE: Less people love Problem Sleuth 2...
DAVE: didnt even know there was one
JANE: You're better off that way. It got weird.
JANE: But... it's dawning on me.
DAVE: we fought and killed the midnight crew yeah
DAVE: the midnight crew from the webcomic problem sleuth
DAVE: on mspaintadventures dot com
JANE: ... Yeah.
JANE: That's fucked, I think.
DAVE: wow breaking out the big swears for that one
JANE: I think it's deserved.
DAVE: yeah
DAVE: i didnt think too much about it at the time
DAVE: but yeah what the fuck
JANE: Do you think they were the real characters? Or like... dedicated cosplayers?
DAVE: i dunno
DAVE: im trying to not think about it because im already in like
DAVE: a void of nonexistence
DAVE: both mentally and literally
DAVE: if i run into ace fucking dick out here doing the goddamn truffle shuffle i might actually fucking snap