Eternal September

WQ?: Introduce yourself.

She (you're certain of this word choice, as though it were an opaque fact, a cosmic truth) is confident in who she is: the White Queen.

She says your name, too. She says a lot of things, actually. Most of all, that you are not the player she expected. She was expecting a silly girl, and then a nerdy boy, and she didn't prepare for anyone else, at least not long-term. You have an excuse ready though, and it's that you're not a person this world is meant for. So it really does make sense that you're so out of place here. You swear.

She nods and laughs, projecting a solemn strength as though it were second nature. It's an unspoken bond between caretakers, a role she immediately recognizes you share with her. A chill runs through you.

You want her to speak more.