Eternal September

Introduce yourself.

You were born in the distant year of 1953. It is currently the year 1993. September 1st, to be exact. That would make you a tenuous 39 years old.

You are a TECHNICIAN at SKAIANET SYSTEMS, a small electronics repair shop in the sleepy suburban town of HAUNTSWITCH. Day by day, you repair consumer electronics. While this can mean fixing COFFEE MACHINES, DISHWASHERS, LIGHT FIXTURES, and SMOKE ALARMS, it mostly means TELEVISION SETS, WALKIE-TALKIES, and HOME COMPUTERS.

You're the only one who's ever here. A person with higher ambitions than yourself could call your arrangement KAFKAESQUE, but your time at the RCA Labs made you cognizant of the fact that the world needs people like you, and you're far too happy to comply.

Even then, this is your DAY JOB. NETWORK PROGRAMMING is your real passion. You love to connect computers to other computers, sharing files on ONLINE SPACE, like BULLETIN BOARDS, IRC, and E-MAIL. Surely, the novelty of an e-mail will never wear off. Browsing bulletin boards can get expensive though. CompuServe gives you no quarter when you spend all night reading stories people post there.

When you're running out of quarters to jam in the Internet machine, you enjoy games well enough. Your favorite is ROGUE, because of its elegant use of PROCEDURAL GENERATION. You're so excited for what computer generation can provide the world. It's tomorrow, today.

What is your name?