Eternal September

~ath -i shades.~ath

Legacy support is a thankless job, not that it's helped by the other programmer being the same kind of leet-speaking tool that was shitting up your IRC channel earlier. He seems to write comments by treating his keyboard like a skateboard.

... That's not his fault. Okay, it literally is. You're just transparently displacing the more frustrating thing, which is that you only kind of get this language. Its scope is way above board, referring to universes and worlds, dealing in matters of life and death, and not just of the process itself. A bunch of libraries it uses aren't mentioned in your books, either. What the hell is FFMPEG?

Text color being meaningful is a little bit unintuitive at first, but as it becomes a means of expressing tokenization, it becomes easier. Blue refers to one "universe", red another. You're pretty sure that's what it means, anyway...