Eternal September


BRETT: quite a few of these, hm?
BRETT: how old is your little one?
MARY: Hm? Oh... uh. It's um, a tutoring job.
BRETT: oh, shit, my b
BRETT: sorry job makes me at least try small talk
MARY: No, no, I get it - it's a fair assumption to make.
BRETT: yeah my mom gets these for my lil sister on road trips
MARY: I hope you're not referring to the magazine I think you are.
BRETT: good one
BRETT: shes been reading that essay book during her book club too
MARY: There's a book club?
BRETT: yeah its like when a bunch of old people get together and talk about books
MARY: I just didn't know we had anything like that here...
BRETT: yeah its at the library i think
BRETT: i dont go i got street fighter to play
BRETT: there anything else for you?
MARY: ... Huh? What do you-
BRETT: do you have any other items
MARY: O-oh, um. Pack of Marlboros, I guess.
BRETT: do you have an id
MARY: Surely you're joking.
BRETT: yeah dont worry ma'am you're clear
BRETT: in that case that'll be...