Eternal September

Mary: Examine workstation.

The chunky white machine is your NURTUREACTOR. You're not sure why they called a normal egg incubator a "NURTUREACTOR", but it's listed as such in your PHERNALIA REGISTRY and in the briefing. So that's what you call it.

Its little waveform indicator represents... something. It's unclear. There's a swathe of ports on the side, all but one hooked up to the dot-matrix printer, spool-fed from a box beneath the desk. It's all set up for you, but nothing ever prints. The moment you get a print is the moment you call your commissioner and tell her the ground has been broken.

This setup is powered by a POWER HUB, company-branded, with a serial number, identifier, and everything. HUB SN_MARY0001. You're pretty sure this is some kind of nuclear power source, based on the fact that is bright green and supplies power, but everything you understand about nuclear power generation is defied by its size. It's a real technological marvel. Or it would be, if it were not a mechanic in a video game.