Eternal September


The space around you is empty. Every time you boot this game up, it restarts from this point. You have to tell yourself that it's amazing. The world changes around you, the lights go from the sky and your world goes dark, and you find yourself in a new world. It should be life-changing.

It isn't though, because you've been spoiled. You've been told what this should be. A living world, packed with consorts and underlings, agents and denizens. All that you can see is platforms, empty spaces filled only by that you bring in with you. Even the frogs promised by your land's title are absent.

You suppose this is your job after all, but you can't get over it... You've heard rumors of the people you're working for. The owner, he's a big personality. He's a guy who makes his own adventures. He's a big game hunter, socially and literally. Even your commissioner, with how little you know of her, she oozes charisma. She effortlessly fills the conversational void when you fail to have anything interesting to say. You're not like them.

What are you like...?

"Things you call dead haven't yet had the chance to be born." - accomplished Dorothy actress, Diana Ross.

You are 100% sure she said that.