Eternal September

Mary: Examine room.

You try to keep your workspaces clean. If you were to scan this workplace for characterful objects, you would find that very little of it seems to reflect your own interests, at least to the extent that your WORK and your INTERESTS are different things. It's hard to tell sometimes.

There is broken technology scattered on the shelves before you. Programming books and binders of documentation line the floors. Cups of tea from midnight calls from your boss — is it fair to call her your boss? She is as much of a client as she is a supervisor. It's a cyclical authority that hurts your brain to think about. Perhaps commissioner is more accurate.

Perhaps, if you want to stretch, you could look to your PORTABLE TELEVISION, a groovy little CASIO TV-100N. When you're cooped up late at night, this is your best friend. It used to be where you watch NIGHT COURT, but your arch-nemesis, DAVE BARRY, has stolen its star for his indulgent DAVE'S WORLD show, which starts in a few weeks.

You say you're not going to watch it, because you have principles, dammit. But you have to begrudgingly admit to yourself... you are a fan of that Harry Anderson fellow. It's one of the few points of shared interest you have with your commissioner.