Jane and Dirk: Get revenge on What Pumpkin.

After months of sleuthing, you've found it, the cause of all your miseries. Not your temper and all-consuming fear of rejection, heavens no.

An "author figure" gone rogue. A criminal is on the loose, and to get him, you've pulled out every stop.
Reverse image searches and late nights scrubbing Pastebin led you here... What Pumpkin HQ. Abandoned and lost during Her Imperious Condescension's invasion, the one thing you've confirmed is...
A chest that contains the ultimate secret.

They'll surely sorely miss this if someone were to knick it from their office.
Who else could it have been, if not RENAISSANCE NINJA, PHILOSOPHER PRINCE, and FLASHSTEP PUPPETEER, Dirk Strider?
Especially not to the dynamic duo of prankster and prince.
What pumpkin?