Feferi: Assert dominance.

FEFERI: )(-EY bud...
FEFERI: W)(alecome back to conc)(fis)(ness!
FEFERI: You )(aven't been out very long but )(OO boy )(ave we been WAITING!
FEFERI: Or... I )(ave. T)(ese two just was)(ed up and can you blame them?
FEFERI: But me? I've been WAITING... 38)
ERIDAN: oh cod
ERIDAN: wwhat the FUCK could that mean
FEFERI: Remember 20 minutes ago w)(en my fincestor got up on Tavros's horns?
FEFERI: W)(AL-E, get ready to carry me around like t)(at.
ERIDAN: wwhat
ERIDAN: wwhat the fuck
ERIDAN: i dont even have horns that could support that kind of maneuvver
ERIDAN: howw in the FUCK are you gonna do that
FEFERI: )(mmm.... exshellent point!
FEFERI: )(ow stiff are your fins? 38)
ERIDAN: howw long are you plannin on doin this
FEFERI: FOAR-----EV------ER.
FEFERI: Or until I get board. Boarded? Bored...
FEFERI: T)(at one's kind of... clawbtuse.
ERIDAN: fish dont have clawws moron
FEFERI: Crabs do!
ERIDAN: neither of us are crabs
ERIDAN: there is someone in our group who is a crab
ERIDAN: hes not a fish
FEFERI: T)(is is exactly w)(y I'm doing t)(is.
FEFERI: Aradia, S)(oallux, can you back me up )(ere? 38/
ARADIA: shes right you know
SOLLUX: y0u kn0w shes right
FEFERI: )(up!
SOLLUX: hey ff.
SOLLUX: d0 a flip.
FEFERI: O)()()()()()()()()()(. Y-ES.
ERIDAN: oh no